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UV 3220GX

Large Format UV Printer 3220 for Rigid Media Printing

3200mm x 2000mm 

Printing Size






Max. Media Thickness

Meet iMaxcan Wide Format Flatbed UV Printer

Prepare to start generating huge profits on personalized and mass produced products with our factory price 10′ x 6′ UV flatbed printer. The ultimate in printing versatility, users can simply create top-quality rigid, medium and soft products.

Automatic Ink Supply System

The automatic ink supply system of the printer monitors the amount of ink in the large ink tank of the printer. When the ink in the large ink tank of the printer reaches the lowest line, the system lights up the warning light of the corresponding color and emits an alarm to remind the user to add ink, which helps refill the ink supply of the printer.

Automatic Height Measurement Module

The height of the printer head and the substrate needs to be 1.5-2mm. The automatic height measuring system is used to automatically measure the height between the print head and the substrate before printing, this prevents print quality degradation caused by manual eye measurement errors, and also greatly saves time spent on manual measurements.

Material Positioning Device

The three positioning pins are L-shaped and is distributed at the origin of the X and Y-axis, accurate positioning can be achieved by simply placing the printing medium between the L-shaped positioning pins. The positioning pins are connected to the printing system. When the positioning pins pop up, the system will lock the trolley to avoid damage to the print heads due to improper operation.

Platform Adjustment

The platform is equipped with 30 supporting points as standard, which is twice that of ordinary machines, which better ensures the stability of the platform.

The machine platform will be adjusted three times, and the error of each adjustment is controlled within 0.2 mm to ensure the accuracy of the platform.

3200 x 2000mm

Printing Size





Ultimate Performer

iMaxcan flatbed UV printer 3220 delivers technological innovation into the market faster and more successfully than anyone. The newest printhead for commercial and industrial flatbed UV printing machine models enables high-performance runs.

Printhead Technology

Ricoh Gen6 printheads feature with excellent durability, accuracy, and productivity, it can provide technical support in waveform optimization, ink compatibility testing, and printhead integration.


High fidelity color, realistic and delicate pictures.

3Group CMYK(LcLm)

High fidelity color, realistic and delicate pictures. The highest output can reach 110.4M²/H

W+2Group CMYK(LcLm)

It not only guarantees the output, but also realizes white ink printing, which is the best choice for both personalization and high output.


White – For printing on transparent or black materials, using white as the base color is ideal. The embossed effect can also be achieved by multi-layer printing with white ink.


In the color-white-color printing method, the color is printed first, then a layer of white, and finally a layer of color. The combination of color, white and color makes the colors saturated, picture precision high, and the front and back pictures dazzle.


White – For printing on transparent or black materials, using white as the base color is ideal.

Varnish – can be printed on part or all of the surface of the material to produce visual and tactile effects.


Designed for Efficiency

Maximize image quality and productivity with iMaxcan UV 3220 series UV flatbed printer.

Linear Maglev Motor

(1) In terms of accuracy, the linear maglev motor reduces the problem of interpolation lag due to the simple transmission mechanism, and has high repetitive positioning accuracy, and the positioning accuracy of the linear maglev motor can reach 0.1 μm.

(2) The linear motor has considerable advantages in terms of speed. The speed of the linear maglev motor reaches 300m/min and the acceleration reaches 10Gs.

(3)In terms of service life, the linear maglev motor will not be worn due to the high-speed reciprocating motion of the slider due to the installation gap between the moving parts and the fixed parts. It is suitable for high-precision.

Ball Screw Rod

The ball screw drive system is a rolling screw drive system with balls as the medium. The ball screw drive system is a point-contact rolling motion, with low friction resistance, high sensitivity, stable movement, high transmission efficiency, high positioning accuracy, repeatable positioning, good synchronization, high durability, high reliability, no backlash, high rigidity and many other advantages.

Igus Energy Chains

Our selection of silent, clean room energy chains from IGUS can be used in environments that require smooth operation and clean rooms

The machine runs smoothly to reduce the noise generated during production. Our energy chains ensure quiet, trouble-free operation in production. And can achieve the production needs of vibration reduction, noise reduction and quiet operation.

It is very quiet, down to 32 dB(A), low vibration, high push-pull force, suitable for ISO class 1 clean room use: virtually no wear. Continuous operation for more than 10 million cycles.

THK Rail

“THK” stands for “Toughness”, “High Quality” and “Know-how”.

(1) High rigidity in all directions Using four rows of arc grooves and four rows of steel balls with a contact angle of 45 degrees, the steel balls achieve an ideal two-point contact structure and can withstand loads from up, down, left and right directions.

(2) Self-aligning ability, the combination of DF(45-°45°) from the arc groove produces the  self-aligning ability and obtains high-precision and stable smooth motion.

(3) Low noise during high-speed operation. Nowadays, THK linear guides rails have adopted ball-type technology and are inlaid with double-row bearings. The running speed will not be reduced due to the circulation of balls, and the noise will be greatly reduced.

(4) Anti-wear THK linear guides are made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel. After heat treatment and density grinding, when the surface hardness reaches above 70HRC, it can effectively prolong the life of THK linear guides.

Metal Grating

The RX2 reading head adopts LAMOTION’s advanced large-area single-field scanning technology with zero point detection. The scattered light emitted by the light source passes through the lens and is adjusted to a parallel beam. Reflection, forming bright and dark stripes, illuminates the single-field scanning sensor through the grating on the window.

3200 x 2000mm 

Printing Size





Print Media

Rigid Printing Offers Endless Possibilities

Print directly onto rigid substrates such as wood, glass, acrylic, MDF, foam board, poster board, real estate signage, in-ground posters and more.


Carriage Collision Avoidance System

iMaxcan flatbed printer UV 3220 series supports carriage collision avoidance system to ensure safe and smooth printing.

Ricoh Gen6 Print Heads

Feature variable ink droplet technology, ink droplet size as small as 5pl, high production capacity, high precision and high ink adaptability.

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Electrostatic Rod

It can effectively solve the problems of static electricity and dust generation in the production process.

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Carriage Anti-Collision System 

The carriage will stop immediately when it encounters any object during printing, which effectively protects the carriage and print heads in time.

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Printing Platform

The platform is equipped with 30 supporting points as standard, which is twice that of ordinary printers. This ensures better platform stability.

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THK Guide Rails

Imported Japanese THK guide rails provide increase stability, precision and reduced noise when printing.

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Linear Maglev Motor

Provides High precision, high speed, high thrust, ultra-quiet and a long service life.

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Emergency Button

Fail-safe, high-visibility emergency stop switch instantly stops machine operation for operator safety in emergency situations.

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Computer Stand

Comfortable use and ergonomic. The participation of human-machine design concept obtains a comfortable computer experience.

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Metal Grating

Incremental 1μm grating scale designed to provide feedback for high-precision linear measurements used for very fine printing.

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16 Years

iMaxcan Smart Manufacturing Co., Limited, a subsidiary of Honson Group, is based on the intelligent industrial digital inkjet printing industry and has 16 years of independent research and development experience. Our company is an All-in-one industrial printing solution provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

iMaxcan is committed to providing a complete set of intelligent digital printing solutions for household appliances, 3C, furniture, home improvement, packaging, electronic device cases, handicrafts, leather goods and many other industries. We also provide customized printing solution consultation, OEM/ODM, product training, equipment maintenance and other services. We are committed to becoming a world-class supplier of industrial printing solutions.

5S Management Systems

Our manufacturing facility adopts 5S-level management standards: Sort (SEIRI), Straighten (SEITON), Shine (SEISO), Standardize (SEIKETSU), and Sustain (SHITSUKE).

The 5S management system originated from Japan, the corresponding 5S refers to Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and other related production factors such as materials, equipment, and personnel at the manufacturing site. This system lays the solid foundation of management practices that guarantee for the rapid improvement of product quality and even success in the global market.

The purpose of implementing 5S management:

(1) The opportunity for employees to make mistakes and chances of defective products are greatly reduced and quality is greatly improved;

(2) It Improves morale;

(3) Avoids unnecessary wait times and searches, improving work efficiency;

(4) Resources can be reasonably allocated and used thus reducing waste;

(5) The clean working environment impresses customers and improves the overall image of the company;

(6) Passages are unobstructed, all signs and markings are clear and conspicuous and thus helping to ensure personal safety;

(7) Lay the foundation for the smooth development of other management practices.

Obtained ISO9001

In order to ensure that products meet the quality requirements for stable and long term use, customers have required suppliers establish a quality control system according to the ISO9001 quality management standard that they need to get certified to. The applicant uses the proven quality management system to ensure that the supplied products meet specified requirements and are stable. It is impossible to have stable product quality by only doing product sampling inspections.

Implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard is determined by the basic principles of it, which will greatly reduce or eliminate substandard products, thereby significantly reducing product costs and improving economic benefits.

Implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard means standardizing the quality management of the enterprise, having clear responsibilities for each worker, eliminating waste, greatly improving work efficiency and freeing up time for senior management.

Once a company has passed the quality assurance system certification, it proves that the company has established and effectively implemented the quality assurance system in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance standards and has achieved integration. The company has sufficient quality assurance capabilities to meet customer requirements, thus gaining customers’ trust. Expanding the visibility of the enterprise, promoting the development of the business, and greatly increasing sales of their products.

Passing the ISO9001 quality management system standard, the enterprise has presented its quality assurance ability to meet the customer’s requirements on the one hand and on the other obtains the customer’s trust, increasing its popularity, which can significantly expand domestic market share. At the same time, from the ISO9001 quality management system certification in our country, mutual international channel recognition open up for the products of the certified company to enter the international market. Most foreign customers clearly require suppliers to pass ISO9001 quality management system certification when conducting business negotiations.

In short, implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard and passing the certification process is essential for growth and development of the enterprise, as well as meeting the requirements of customers and the need for products to smoothly enter the international market.

iMaxcan Smart Flatbed UV Printer

The technology-leading intelligent flatbed UV printing machine mode greatly saves manpower and improves printing efficiency, leading to less waste and fewer costly mistakes which, in turn, leads to better overall margins and faster turnaround times.

iMaxcan UV 3220 Specifications


Flatbed Size   

3200mm × 2000mm


Media Thickness 



Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (L×W×H)




 1150 kg



CMYK   √


Light cyan, light magenta   √


White   √


Varnish  √



Printing Speed CMYK(Lc Lm)*3

Production mode: 110.4㎡/h

Standard mode: 65.7㎡/h

Quality mode: 48㎡/h


Printing Speed CMYK(Lc Lm)+W+V

Production mode: 36.8㎡/h

Standard mode: 21.9㎡/h

Quality mode: 16㎡/h



Ricoh Gen6 Printheads



Up to 1200dpi



Integrated ink supply

2 litre containers


UV-curable inks   √


Wide color gamut  √


Environmental friendly, VOCs Free  √


Superb durability  √


Installation Environment

Power Specification     

AC220V ±5%50~60 Hz


Operating Temperature



Relative humidity      

30%~70% RH


iMaxcan UV 2513 Specifications

iMaxcan UV 3220GX Series