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DTF Printer

The Most Popular Printing Technology for Custom Apparel


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Meet iMaxcan 40cm DTF Printer

You Have Found the largest and most reliable DTF Printers Manufacturer (Direct To Film Printer Supplier) Based in China.

We Can Supply You With DTF Printers & PhotoPrint RIP Software, DTF Inks/Cartridges, Transfer Films, Adhesive Medium – Stretchy, Cleaners and Heat Presses!

As a Factory, We Can Offer You the Best DTF Printer Price.

Consumables and Equipments Required for Printing Process

Cold / Hot Peel DTF Pet Film



MOQ :10 Rolls

DTF printers use transfer films that differ from the ones used by screen printers. A DTF transfer film is 0.75mm thick, making it a better-transferring feature and has transfer chart eristics that are better all around for working with multiple unique garment types. These films are commonly referred to as Direct to Film or DTF transfer films.

They are available for small-scale users in cut sheets and big commercial businesses as rolls. DTF Transfer Film can be peeled warm or cold, based on temperature. You can choose either our glossy or matte DTF transfer film for different needs, which are ideal for design professionals who need high-quality, durable, large-format color prints.

DTF Pigment Ink



MOQ :20L

Our industrial DTF printers use unique pigment ink designed in white, yellow, cyan, magenta, black, and fluorescent colors. 

For smooth printing, high-quality ink is needed to ensure that the printhead won’t clog.  We offer a DTF ink lineup with high color density and saturation, excellent performance, and durability, all of the quality assuran.

Hot-Melt Adhesive Powder



MOQ : 10Kg

DTF powder facilitates a successful transfer of vivid colors, graphics, or images from the DTF transfer film to the fabric, upon exposure to heat. It covers the transfer film print completely before the pressing process starts. No pretreatment.

Based on texture, the DTF powder can be classified as fine powder, medium powder, and coarse powder. And based on color, it can be classified as white powder and black powder. They are suitable for different printing cases and also offer different printing effects.

Automated Powder Shaker

The DTF powder shaker machine plays a crucial role in ensuring a high-quality end product.

The above application showcase is so because it applies the powder evenly while removing the excess powder. Therefore, the shake powder machine ensures that your designs will not have extra powder patches.

Heat Press Machine



Your heat press machine is just as important as your DTF printer. If you’re transferring onto flat fabric, a flatbed heat press machine is your best bet. They are great for printing t-shirts that require “all-over” designs.

If target for special surfaces such as caps, you’ll need a custom cap heat press machine, as shown in the left area of the picture.

We can provide various special shape heat press solutions for you.

Double Heat Press for Caps

Heat Press for Caps

Flatbed Heat Press

DTF Printer Software

Software plays an integral role in DTF printers. It determines the inks’ print characteristics, end print performance, and color performance.

Our DTF printer MT-DTF 40 use popular Photoprint RIP software that provided by SAI, which handles your CMYK, white and fluorescent colors,and offers the solution for all your design and printing needs.


Printing Size





DTF Printer Ultimate Performer

Wide range of applications – You can apply DTF transfers to any fabric.

High quality and durable printing results – Even after stretching and contorting the design as much as you can, no cracking or peeling at all!

Faster and high speed production – No need for pretreating and drying of garments. Speed up to 94 Tshirts prints per hour (2heads DTF, print area 30cm*30cm).

More benefits exceed your imagination – No color restrictions, easier operation and maintenance, use less ink, fewer printer head clogs, etc.

How iMaxcan DTF System Solve Your Headache?

Epson i3200 printheads feature with excellent durability, accuracy, and productivity, it can provide technical support in waveform optimization, ink compatibility testing, and printhead integration.

All Services in One Place

DTF system is a printing solution that needs different device and consumables. DTF printer, powder shake, heat press, ink, powder, DTF transfer film all are essencial during the printing process.

As the premium large format printer manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide integrated solution for printing, shaker, consumables (ink, film, powder) and transfer. We provide everything you need for DTF printing!

Print More With Wide Scope Applications

DTF printer works for all most all kinds fabric! Cotton, poly-cottons, nylon, polyester, polyester-Spandex, 50/50 blend fabrics, and both light and dark fabrics. It provides various special shape heat press solutions for you, opens your business to a world of possibility.You can print vibrant full-color images on T-shirts, custom pocket hoodies,polos,sports uniforms, running shorts, hats, backpacks,gloves, flags,koozies and so much more with ease.

Simple Setups For DTF Printing System

The DTF system works best because the CMYK colors lay down first before the white ink layer. Unlike screen-printing or direct-to-garment systems, your DTF printers do not require separate underbase properties depending on what color shirt you are going to print. 

And, when working with polyester fabrics, you do NOT NEED to use a separate set of ink (poly ink). The same kind of pigment ink allows applying to all kinds of fabric.You simply load the design into the smart RIP software, and it will calibrate the ink required.



Why Choose DTF Printer?

Invest less and make more profits. You can easily invest in DTF systems to augment your outputs and improve your profit margin. Perfect to handle both large, one-off, and small-volume custom apparel orders business.

Apply to a wide variety of materials. You can apply DTF transfers to darks and light fabric, synthetics, blends, and cotton etc, works for almost all fabric.

Easy to own and operate. Use the same DTF ink. No tech skill is required to operate.

How DTF Printer works?

DTF printing is a simple process to print on a film and directly transfer it onto fabric. It works on cotton and poly blends, almost on all kinds of fabric. Just see how it works below:

Step 1 – Print on Film

For best results, choose the right type of PET film that fits for the DTF process before printing. To begin with, you print the whole image on the PET film, with white as the bottom. Then, you can set the color you want and print the image on the white layer. Be careful, the image on the film must be the inverted.

Step 2 – Adding The Desired Colors

Add the desired colors. The printer has several print head that performs different printing action. The first head applies the colors which is a blend of CMYK color on the film. Then the second head applies the ideal amount of white under the base perfectly on top of the colors. The second print head does this in an accurate alignment to prevent the white from showing. Remember, this alignment is done on the film sheet on the shirt. This is because the bumps on the shirt will affect the overall design. So, applying it to the film ensures that the final design is crisp with neat edges. You can’t achieve this using the traditional screen-printing process.

Step 3 – Adding The Unique Powder

After printing, the printer sends the film to the powder shaker unit, where a unique powder adhesive coating is added to the film evenly while it is still wet, into the loop. This powder is responsible for the infamous soft touch DTF prints always have. Ink and a thin coat of adhesive powder are the two main ingredients in direct to fabric printing.The excess powder is therefore beaten off the film in the powder shaker machine and then it is passed to the belt drier to melt off the powder and to ensure that it is gelled to the ink.

Step 4 – High-Temperature Heat Pressing

The next step after printing, adding powder, and shaking it off is the heat press. It is simply taking the transfer film out of the powder shaker machine and placing it on the fabric that is already on the heat press. It should be pressed for about 10 seconds at a high temperature. The hot-peel sheet is then peeled off after allowing it to cool off completely. Then a finishing sheet is placed on the shirt to further drive the ink into the fabric for 5 seconds, also in high pressure. Once you reached this stage, congratulations! you have successfully used the DTF printing machine.


Printing & shaking


Heat Press 


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Versatile Model

What can you Print with DTF Machine?

DTF printer works for almost all kinds of fabric! Cotton, poly-cottons, nylon, polyester, polyester-Spandex, 50/50 blend fabrics, and both light and dark fabrics.

. Cbombed Cotton
. Organic Cotton
. Tri-Blends
. Poly-Cottons
. Ring Spun Cotton
. Blended Fabrics
. Polyesters
. Polyester-Spandex

Opens your business to a world of possibility.You can print vibrant full-color images on T-shirts, custom pocket hoodies,polos,sports uniforms, running shorts, hats, backpacks,gloves, flags,koozies and so much more with ease.

All service in one place

Equipments Required for Printing Process

Your heat press machine is just as important as your DTF printer. When targeting special surfaces such as caps, you’ll need a custom cap heat press machine.

We can provide various special shape heat press solutions for you.

If you’re transferring onto flat fabric, a flatbed heat press machine is your best bet. They are great for printing t-shirts that require “all-over” designs.

Ricoh Gen6 Print Heads

Feature variable ink droplet technology, ink droplet size as small as 5pl, high production capacity, high precision and high ink adaptability.

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Electrostatic Rod

It can effectively solve the problems of static electricity and dust generation in the production process.

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Carriage Anti-Collision System 

The carriage will stop immediately when it encounters any object during printing, which effectively protects the carriage and print heads in time.

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Printing Platform

The platform is equipped with 30 supporting points as standard, which is twice that of ordinary printers. This ensures better platform stability.

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Platform Suction System

The suction strength is adjustable, the 5 platform suction partitions can be used as single unit or controlled individually.

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THK Guide Rails

Imported Japanese THK guide rails provide increase stability, precision and reduced noise when printing.

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Linear Maglev Motor

Provides High precision, high speed, high thrust, ultra-quiet and a long service life.

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Emergency Button

Fail-safe, high-visibility emergency stop switch instantly stops machine operation for operator safety in emergency situations.

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Computer Stand

Comfortable use and ergonomic. The participation of human-machine design concept obtains a comfortable computer experience.

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Metal Grating

Incremental 1μm grating scale designed to provide feedback for high-precision linear measurements used for very fine printing.

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Printer Traffic Light System

Different colors are displayed according to the actual state of the machine, Green for Normal Operation, Yellow for Standby, and Red for Error.

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16 Years

iMaxcan Smart Manufacturing Co., Limited, a subsidiary of Honson Group, is based on the intelligent industrial digital inkjet printing industry and has 16 years of independent research and development experience. Our company is an All-in-one industrial printing solution provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

iMaxcan is committed to providing a complete set of intelligent digital printing solutions for household appliances, 3C, furniture, home improvement, packaging, electronic device cases, handicrafts, leather goods and many other industries. We also provide customized printing solution consultation, OEM/ODM, product training, equipment maintenance and other services. We are committed to becoming a world-class supplier of industrial printing solutions.

5S Management Systems

Our manufacturing facility adopts 5S-level management standards: Sort (SEIRI), Straighten (SEITON), Shine (SEISO), Standardize (SEIKETSU), and Sustain (SHITSUKE).

The 5S management system originated from Japan, the corresponding 5S refers to Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and other related production factors such as materials, equipment, and personnel at the manufacturing site. This system lays the solid foundation of management practices that guarantee for the rapid improvement of product quality and even success in the global market.

The purpose of implementing 5S management:

(1) The opportunity for employees to make mistakes and chances of defective products are greatly reduced and quality is greatly improved;

(2) It Improves morale;

(3) Avoids unnecessary wait times and searches, improving work efficiency;

(4) Resources can be reasonably allocated and used thus reducing waste;

(5) The clean working environment impresses customers and improves the overall image of the company;

(6) Passages are unobstructed, all signs and markings are clear and conspicuous and thus helping to ensure personal safety;

(7) Lay the foundation for the smooth development of other management practices.

Obtained ISO9001

In order to ensure that products meet the quality requirements for stable and long term use, customers have required suppliers establish a quality control system according to the ISO9001 quality management standard that they need to get certified to. The applicant uses the proven quality management system to ensure that the supplied products meet specified requirements and are stable. It is impossible to have stable product quality by only doing product sampling inspections.

Implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard is determined by the basic principles of it, which will greatly reduce or eliminate substandard products, thereby significantly reducing product costs and improving economic benefits.

Implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard means standardizing the quality management of the enterprise, having clear responsibilities for each worker, eliminating waste, greatly improving work efficiency and freeing up time for senior management.

Once a company has passed the quality assurance system certification, it proves that the company has established and effectively implemented the quality assurance system in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance standards and has achieved integration. The company has sufficient quality assurance capabilities to meet customer requirements, thus gaining customers’ trust. Expanding the visibility of the enterprise, promoting the development of the business, and greatly increasing sales of their products.

Passing the ISO9001 quality management system standard, the enterprise has presented its quality assurance ability to meet the customer’s requirements on the one hand and on the other obtains the customer’s trust, increasing its popularity, which can significantly expand domestic market share. At the same time, from the ISO9001 quality management system certification in our country, mutual international channel recognition open up for the products of the certified company to enter the international market. Most foreign customers clearly require suppliers to pass ISO9001 quality management system certification when conducting business negotiations.

In short, implementing the ISO9001 quality management system standard and passing the certification process is essential for growth and development of the enterprise, as well as meeting the requirements of customers and the need for products to smoothly enter the international market.

Explore DTF Benefits Over DTG

.  No Print Head Clogs
No Pre-Treatment for Chemicals
No Need to DRY the Fabric
Lower Ink & Adhesive Cost
Faster Press times than DTG
No Need to Pre-Press
Short Set-up Time

Not sure which solution is right for you?




Screen Printing


Suits for almost all fabrics with the same DTF ink.

Suits for almost all fabrics with the same DTF ink.

Most fabrics with different inks.

Set-up time

Short set-up time

Short set-up time

Long set-up time



It’s not ideal for images that are dark or opaque

 Only one color is applied at a time


Print 186 pieces tshirts per hour

Print 30 pieces tshirts per hour

Print 1000 pieces tshirts per hour

Ink Type

Water based inks. Up to 40% less ink vs DTG.

Water based inks

Plastisol inks

Printing Process

Print film + Powder + Heat Transfer

Pretreatment + Print + Cure

Wide gamut but <10 colors/design

Color Gamut

Wide color gamut

Wide color gamut

Print 1000 pieces tshirts per hour


Full customization

Full customization

NO customization

Hand Feel

Detailed designs.

Photorealistic images

Detailed designs.

Photorealistic images

Limited small details.

Print Mode

Print on demand

Print on demand

Print on demand


NO water usage

NO water usage

Water usage

Lowest Investment



$25 K

iMaxcan DTF Specifications

Basic Infos

Printer Size   




All-in-one DTF Printer


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (L×W×H)




330 kg



CMYK   √


White   √



Printing Speed 




Epson i3200 Printheads



Ink Type

Pigment inks   


Wide color gamut  √


Environmental friendly, VOCs Free  √


Superb durability  √


Installation Environment

Power Specification     

AC220V ±5%50~60 Hz


Operating Temperature



Relative humidity      

30%~70% RH


iMaxcan UV 2513 Specifications

iMaxcan DTF Series